Shroud yourself, comrade…



1. Suggestions

Any suggestions for our clan are welcomed

2. Role Playing

Our clan was made to roleplay

The Citadel

3. PvP

We have our own PvP rings

(Special Thanks to: Trevor GhostPants, and Kane MythRider)

Activities (Farming)

4. Dungeons/Farming

Thanks to Trevor GhostPants, we have the Pagoda, and Winterbane Gauntlets available for use

We farm worthy dungeons such as Waterworks, Mount Olympus, etc

James TitanHunter own the Grand Tourney Gauntlet

I, (Steven Night) own the Spiral Cup Gauntlet 

5. Parties

If a certain amount of friends are on, we’ll try to host a party

6. Meetings

When any important changes occur, a meeting is held within The Citadel

7. Costumes

You can make/name a costume, and ask me to add it to the “Costumes” page

8. Youtube

Clan members can send me their channel, and I’ll feature it

My Channel:

Chris ShadowFlame’s Channel:

9. Roles

Every clan member has the option to choose a role they wish to be a part of!

Once a role is chosen, the member will have a job, role rank, and new title near their name

YES, you’re payed by the most expensive tcs

10. Offices

Visit the Headquarters to check in with open offices


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