Shroud yourself, comrade…



NOTE: Close-ups of the pics are in a gallery below

We will add any new Hideouts here

(Ask a Veteran/Leader to qualify your house as a Clan Hideout)

Dragon's Nest

Dragon’s Nest

Our first Clan Hideout (Dragon’s Nest):

Purposes: Spiral Cup Dungeon, Hosting  parties, Set of Instruments

(Made by Steven Night)

The Citadel

The Citadel

Our PvP Ring/Meetings (The Citadel):

Purposes: PvP Parties, Meetings, One-Shot Dungeons

(Made by Kane MythRider)

Hidden Glade

Hidden Glade

Our nature themed area (Hidden Glade)

Purposes: Gardening, Training, Unique Instruments, Parties, Crafting

(Made by Steven Night)

Step into our office (Headquarters aka HQ)

Purposes: Offices

(Made by Cole DeathWhisper)

Look forward to my Botanical Gardens project! As well as Darkmoor Manor.

(Made by Steven Night)


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