Shroud yourself, comrade…


Join Us

How Recruitment Works

1. We meet

2. We will tell you about the clan

3. We show you around the clan hideouts

4. We ask you a set of questions

5. We test you

6. “The Day of Judgement”: You will be brought to The Citadel, meeting all of the clan leaders. From there, you shall be judged by your clan leaders, determining whether or not you are worthy.

7. You shall take an oath, and you’re now one of us!

If you wish to join our clan, please send an email containing your timezone, your wizard’s school, and your wizard’s name to:

Preferably, we wish to meet in The Commons…..
Otherwise, one of us may be out to recruit.


Wizard: Jack NightBlade

School: Death

Timezone: Central



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